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Ashley Cerny, ARNP

I have been working in the field of mental health for almost 20 years. My broad background includes cognitive neuroimaging research, work in several community mental health settings, addictions treatment, and both short and long term inpatient care. I have been a prescribing practitioner for 7 years and, in the last, 3 have narrowed my specialty to focus on  integrative psychiatric care for women ages 18-70. While I practice standard western psychiatry and prescribe medications, my personal and professional growth is also focused on holistic wellness, addressing mind/body synchronicity and health. Our wellness plan may involve a wide range of interventions depending on the need: modifying daily habits, psychoeducation, health education, mindfulness practice, consideration of nutritional status, immune, thyroid or hormone function.

I understand psychiatric illness and mental health struggles as the result of many interacting factors including biology, genetics, family/ancestral history, environment, relationships and spirituality. I offer a supportive, non-judgmental space, provide tools to ease distress, prevent relapse, foster empowerment and wellbeing.

Often I am asked if my services include talk therapy. While we may explore life stressors, inter and intra-personal struggles I do not offer formal talk therapy sessions.  I encourage many of my clients to find a therapist who is a good fit for their needs and style.