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Ashley Cerny, ARNP, PMHNP-BC

Ashley has been in the field of mental health and psychology since 2001. She completed her masters in nursing at the University of Washington in 2011 and, since then, has been practicing as a psychiatric nurse practitioner. Her previous background includes  cognitive neuroimaging research, group home care for adults with Down's Syndrome, inpatient psychiatric nursing, and nursing at one of Washington state's child long-term inpatient psychiatric programs.


As an ARNP she has worked in community mental health clinics serving children, chronically mentally ill adults and people struggling with chemical dependency. In 2015 she transitioned into private practice and began her focus on women's mental health and trauma.


Ashley works with women coping with anxiety disorders, trauma and complex PTSD, depression, bipolar, postpartum concerns, disordered sleep and ADHD.


​While Ashley practices standard western psychiatry and prescribes medications, her professional growth is also focused on holistic wellness and trauma healing. A wellness plan may involve a wide range of interventions depending on the need. For instance,  modifying daily habits, psycho-education, health and sleep education, mindfulness practice, consideration of nutritional status, immune, thyroid or hormone function.

Ashley understands psychiatric illness and mental health struggles as the result of many interacting factors including biology, genetics, family/ancestral history, environment, relationships and spirituality. She offers a supportive, non-judgmental space and provides tools to ease distress, prevent relapse, foster empowerment and wellbeing.

We are often ask if our services include talk therapy. While Ashley may explore life stressors, inter and intra-personal struggles with individuals, she does not offer formal talk therapy sessions. She encourages all women she works with to find a therapist who is just the right fit. 

Ashley usually has space to take new patients every 6 weeks or so. 

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